Localized Consciousness: The Key to Life

Localized consciousness originates within the energy field of the mind. Becoming aware of this consciousness; whether we speak of self-consciousness or universal consciousness could be considered unreliable. I suggest this because It is never the thought, word or action that defines consciousness. Consciousness is the whole. This truly means everything, including our mind, thoughts and localized consciousness.



The significance lies in awakening and accepting that we are a part of this life energy consciousness; this also means that we are “it”. Therefore for practical human purposes we can say that consciousness is “localized” simply because we (the manifestation of universal consciousness through this human body) choose to call this awareness to consciousness…localized consciousness.

The fact that we are awakening to the dimension of universal consciousness (which is actually localized + universal = oneness) gives us an opportunity in each moment to co-create with the field of life energy consciousness. We can… and do create through our intentions, but not specifically because these are localized intentions. It is because we are simply opening the portal to this dimension of universal consciousness through true awareness, then acceptance and eventually allowing it to flow. We become what we intend or wish, if it is truly in synchronicity with the flow that originates in the void of universal life energy consciousness. (more…)

The Beauty of a Woman

Hello everyone,

I wish you a day filled with joy and love. I wish you a moment of fulfillment. Hopefully the experiences of that one moment will contribute to a better understanding of the person, the self and life. All three are one and the same. I have included a poem below. It is about the beauty of a woman. It is about the joy of caring and of love.


The Beauty of a Woman

I met a woman.
There was joy. There was happiness.

There was so much within this one first glance.
There she stood.
Our eyes locked.

I was here, there and no where.
Magically flowers appear; the sun was shining.

The moment was enchanted.
I dove into the depth of your eyes.
I was lost, trapped in their beauty.
Your eyes hold the universe, planets and stars.

There is wisdom within you.

The spirit of it all is there to be found.

You gladly share this with everyone.

It is a beauty found beyond the mind,
It is a truth that is felt.

It is the joy of life, shining within and without.
A beauty nurtured by experience.

Every experience strengthens its radiance.

I see love,
I see hope shining so bright
This woman stands before me.

The experiences have been many.

Her curiosity remains unyielding.

Her body knows the seasons.

It had not always been as she had wished.

There within her is also concern.
There in her eyes are sadness and despair.
There is a real beauty within this woman.

It is the beauty of one who cares.

She lives, she tries, and she reaches for love.

This is her dream.

It is a dream of joy and of love.

The spirit shares with her wisdom.

Her body is of beauty.
There is joy of love.

There is hope for tomorrow.
I feel all of this.
There we stood cheek to cheek.
The beauty of this woman… known to all but truly seen by few

Belle Picture © Walt Disney

Hiking and Buddhism in Nepal

Greetings everyone

I wish to share some information with you about the “Beside the Himalayan Treks and Expedition” in Nepal. I have been in constant correspondence with Sujan Sitaula. He is the owner of this company. He and his staff members offer wonderful vacation packages for individuals, families and groups.

I have had many conversations with Sujan. I truly feel that he is dedicated to offering you experiences to cherish; whether you are interested in Nature, Nepal culture or Buddhism. I encourage you to check out his website for more information about possible vacation ideas. Here is further information that I received from Sujan:

My name is Sujan from Nepal. I have been a Trekking and Tour Guide for fifteen years in Nepal. I have also been the Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour Operator for the last eight years. I have lived in Nepal since childhood. I grew up learning about nature and the mountains of this area. This has taught me respect and admiration for the beauty and sometimes dangerous aspects of Mother Nature and the gigantic mountain range of the Himalayas.

hikingThe knowledge, skills and experiences in hiking and tour guiding; together with my admiration and respect for nature, has promoted me to establish my own trekking and tour guide company. The name of my company is Beside the Himalayan Treks and Expedition.

Beside The Himalayan Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd is one of the authorized Trekking and Tour agencies of the Nepal government, launched by a dedicated team with deep knowledge and more than a decade of experience in the discipline of Trekking, Tour guiding, Peak climbing, Rafting, Jungle safari, Expedition, Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, Mountain Flight, Hiking, Sight Seeing and other adventurous activities.

Nepal is one of the most interesting countries in the earth in terms of bio-diversity due to its unique geographical feature, altitude variation, cultural and historical heritages as well as fauna and flora.

hikingTrekking in Nepal is an adventurous and wonderful experience.  Our company’s professional team is here for you. We are dedicated to the clients’ satisfaction, sustainable tourism and environment safety. We specialize in planning and arranging the holiday according to your interests and time frame. We are dedicated to given you a memorable vacation at a very affordable price.

Nepal is one of the most amazing countries in the earth.  Ten of the highest peaks in the world; including Mt. Everest, are located here. Environmental diversities, amazing landscape, cultural heritages as well as fauna and flora make Nepal a real paradise. Nepal is the birth place of Buddha and Buddhism. There are many Buddha monasteries. Here you can experience Buddhism in it’s true form. There are also many statues and museums dedicated to Buddha, Buddhism and the culture of Nepal. Vacationing here offers very unique experiences for nature lovers and people interested in the teachings of Buddha. (more…)

Die Schönheit eine Frau


Ich wünsche alle einen Tag mit Freude und Liebe erfüllt. Ich wünsche Ihnen einen Moment der Erfüllung. Hoffentlich die Erfahrungen während diesem einen Moment wird zu einem besseren Verständnis der Person, die sich selbst und das Leben beitragen. Alle drei sind ein und dasselbe . Ich habe ein Gedicht geschrieben. Es geht um die Schönheit einer Frau. Es geht um die Schönheit der Fürsorge und der Liebe.


Ich habe eine Frau getroffen.

Ich empfand bei erstem Blick Freude und Vergnügen.

Sie stand vor mir.

Ich sah in ihre Augen rein.

Ich wurde zu einem Feld von Sonnenschein

und Blumen weg verzaubert.

Ihre Augen haben solche Tiefe.

Ich war verloren, gefangen in ihre Schönheit.

Ich sehe so viel in ihren Augen,

es gibt eine Schönheit innerhalb ihres Geistes,

die so wahr ist.

Es ist die Freude an Leben, die ich in ihr fand.

Eine Schönheit,

die genährt wird und sich durch ihr Schicksal gebildet hat.

Ich sehe Liebe,

ich sehe Hoffnung innerhalb der Frau, die leuchtet so hell.

Ich sehe eine junge Frau, obwohl sie viel in Leben erfahren hat,

ist immer noch jugendlich und neugierig.

Leben war nicht immer das, wie sie es sich gewünscht hatte.

Dort in ihren Augen sehe ich auch Trauer und Verzweiflung.

Die Schönheit dieser Frau kommt, weil sie sich sorgt. Sie lebt,

und sie sucht nach Liebe.

Sie träumt immer noch von Freude und Liebe.

Ihr Geist hält die Schönheit und die Weisheit des Lebens,

die Freude an Liebe und der Hoffnung für morgen.

Ich empfinde alles davon,

als ich vor ihr stehe.

Diese Frau hat vielleicht eine Schönheit,

die nur wenige verstehen können.

Belle Bild © Walt Disney

Who Cares about Your Opinions


Opinions are something that everyone has. But who really cares about your opinion? When it comes down to the nitty-gritty who cares about your opinion or what you think? Other people may consider what you have offered as an opinion, but does it really matter. On a superficial level it may seem to be of some importance or value. Many activities of our existence may involve giving or receiving opinions. But who truly cares about your opinion?

You care about your opinions. You, in reference to the self-created “me” are the person that needs this association with opinions. The stubborn, self-centered “me” values opinions very highly; especially it own. After all, what would the “me” be without a huge stockpile of opinions? How would it be possible to validate the resourcefulness / intelligence of our human existence? Here are common definitions of the word “opinion” that can be used for references in this discussion:

– A belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.

– A personal view, attitude, or appraisal.

– The formal expression of a professional judgment

– Law: the formal statement by a judge or court of the reasoning and the principles of law used in reaching a decision of a case.

– A judgment or estimate of a person or thing with respect to character, merit, etc.

– A favorable estimate; esteem.

What is a person without his or her opinions? The flip side to a belief or judgment is a fact. Human beings find great pleasure in proving that any given hypothesis is true. The world is full of people with individual and collective beliefs and viewpoints. How did you first react when you the title of this article? Did you perhaps notice a spontaneous shift in your mind and body? This shift was the “me” reacting in a defensive manner to the title. Beliefs and personal attitudes are an essential factor needed by the conditioned mind and the ego. (more…)

Experiences: Mind and Consciousness Experiencing Existence


Experiences contribute to mind and consciousness. A pattern as developed whereby mind insists on controlling. It seems impossible to find true fulfillment in this human life. What is responsible for this dilemma?  There are many elements within our human being form structure that contributes to this dilemma. Some people would say these consist of conditioning, emotions, and or the ego. There are others that might say it is our creative intelligence; although I feel fewer would be willing to admit this. The words “creative intelligence” sounds so positive. The definition “creative intelligence” could be considered deceptive, but not necessarily positive. (more…)

Thinking about the Thought that You Think

Eckhart Tolle - Reality of The Present Moment

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Thinking derives through processes in the brain. Spirituality suggests integrating practices of relaxation and release methods through meditation. There is a focus point that has remained constant for most spiritual teachings. This is the process of thinking.

More specifically, we are often instructed through spiritual / meditative practices to “stop” thinking. This is a practice that confuses; often frustrates, many who have become spiritually awakened. How do I “stop” thinking? This is a very good question. No one can “stop” “thinking”. This is impossible. The practice of spirituality / meditation is never really about “not” thinking. An awakened individual is usually taken aback by the proposal of not thinking. A person that applies more and more awareness to daily existence activities can easily lose him or herself completely in the quest to stop “thinking”.  It is obvious that the brain can not stop the many processes that occur each moment. The key may lie in not thinking about the thought that you are thinking. This sounds confusing but perhaps we can state it in another manner. (more…)

Butterfly, Butterfly…See the Pretty Butterfly

Butterfly, oh butterfly see how you fly. I spent the other day picking plums from a tree. I stood on a ladder high in the tree. There among the branches were butterflies and bees. Both were attracted to the sweet juice of the plums. There was one butterfly that landed on a plum only a short distance from my face. I observed the butterfly intensely.

It would flutter its wings very gently on occasion. I watched as it basked in the sunlight; then I continued picking plums. I sensed serenity there within the branches of the tree. It felt as if the tree, the bees and the butterflies were inside of me instead of surrounding me. I looked over to where the butterfly had been a few minutes ago. It was no longer there on the plum. I still sensed this one butterfly more so then all other things in my surrounding. (more…)

Thoughtful Thoughts of Thoughtfulness

Thoughtfulness is expressed through many gestures, actions and reactions. This can be experienced in all life-forms and on all levels of mental and emotional behavior. There is one particular human behavior that will be considered in this discussion. This behavior is often defined as the sharing of a higher consciousness. This higher consciousness originates in the dimension of totality. (more…)

Everything is Love


Everything or nothing; we live and we die. All this is insignificant compared to love. I have written a poem below about love. Love is not only shared between two people. It is shared by everything. Love is a topic that can be as illusive as our understanding of universal consciousness or oneness. Love is as complicated or simple as we choose to make it. It is the mental and conscious energy output frequencies that manifest an existence of love and life or not.

I am currently writing a third book that considers the many aspects of love. The book will discuss what love might be and what we have done with it. The book reflects on how we have used and abused love throughout our species, personal and social development. The poem is about the rapture of being in love.




People speak of love.

Thereby seeing love through tainted glasses.
This happens often, it is true.
I am floating on a cloud.

There is so much love I feel inside.

This is the feelings and love I have for you.

Still I see everything with a crystal clear vision.

I look at you and I see everything.
I see you now, at this moment, young and so beautiful.
I see a woman; wanting and desiring.
I look at you and feel how wonderful you are.
I see inside you, thereby touching souls.
There is true love.

There is so much to be found there.

There is love, compassion and desire.

This love is so strong when we touch.
This is love that we give and receive.
Reality is never far away, this to is true.
I see everything as it is and will be.
Life does what it does.

It gives us neither paradise nor hell.

I look at you, knowing the sweetness and the bitterness.
I look at you, knowing that it will not always be easy.
I look at you, knowing that we will eventually be older.
I look at you, knowing that the day will come when we are old.
It thrills me to see you as a granny.

This picture thrills me as much as the young woman before me.

I love you even more because I see you as everything.
No matter how many times I look at you …
I know one thing.
I always want to be with you.
I will always be there for you.
You, your love and compassion are my strength.
I want to be there for you.
I wish for you to know that I will catch you if you should fall.
There are doubts and fears inside you.

You can release these; don’t be afraid.
Our hearts have intertwined.

I feel the pain from the past; still inside you.
We must let go of the past.

We shall live for now and tomorrow.
I know this to be real.

I feel that it is true.
If you want me, I’ll always be there for you.
I wish to be no where else; only with you.
You have shown me love.

This love has bloomed.
This love is our strength.
Love and understanding of each other will show us the way.
We are truly together; you and I.

You are my Sunshine.

A flower can not survive without sunshine.

Nor can I live or love without you.

My soul would surely wilt.

Without the sunshine my heart would surely die.

You are everything


Best wishes to everyone

©Steve Leasock


Static in the Air: Do you feel it?


Static, static and more static, it sounds almost as contagious as stress, stress and more stress. This word entails much more than I first realized. I am reminded of several discussions from Eckhart Tolle. He reminds us that the “word”; any word, is never “it”. This is also very true for the word static. Let us; for sake of our discussion, consider how we can use the term static in context to spirituality. More so, we can reflect on the usage of this word in reference to the totality or energy frequency of the universe.

There are several definitions for this word. The meaning is always slightly different according to the applied usage. This word is often used in areas of science as well as computer science. Its definition varies depending on its use in a given sentence. One definition of static is: Showing little or no change, lacking movement or development. This would be interesting to consider from a spiritual standpoint. (more…)

Take a Close Look at Yourself

Do you wish to take a closer look at yourself? This is easier than you may think. Look at everything surrounding you now; where you are and what you are doing is of no importance. What do you see when you look around? What you are observing is yourself. You and the self are in everything. This refers to yourself the human form; the mental, emotional and physical you. This also refers to the “self”; the one that is universal; ultimately both are one and the same. Let us shortly reflect on both considerations…

You focus mind / conscious energy on your mental, physical or emotional behavior patterns. These are conditioned factors including; assumptions, beliefs, judgments, fears and ego. When we focus our attention on anything we are most likely using one or more of the above to determine something and define it. This is true whether it is something you visually (physically) focus your attention on, or it is something that you mentally have focused your attention on. The two methods are synonyms in reference to our discussion. (more…)

A Sense of Unity

Unity is a word used in many areas of our daily experiences; including spirituality. But what is the essence of this word we call unity? Stop now; before you start “thinking” about unity. This is not something to think about, define, or even assume. Let’s attempt the Star Wars Jedi Knight approach to unity. This suggests feeling the life energy in you and in everything that is around you.


Live truly in the moment and experience the unity within you, through you and around you. The body experiences life energy impulses. It does not need to interpret what is there nor does the body need to consider what it does. It simply does it. Life energy manifests through the being that you are in this moment. A cooperative conscious aware state of isness opens a direct portal through which a life-form such as you or I can communicate freely with conscious life energy. We become it in a moment of true unity. (more…)

Dreams: Are these Really a Reflection of the Real You?

Dreams seem so real. They are said to be a reflection of mind and consciousness. There are dreams that offer doorways. These portals can nurture or restrict the flow of life. Here is a poem about dreams and love. There was a place long ago and a love still to be discovered.

Best wishes to everyone



Childhood seems so far away.

The years; it would seem, have been many.

But the dreams remain;

tattered but never swayed.

The scenery was comprised of orchards,

fields of green, lakes and rivers

There were waterfalls everywhere;

These were nurtured by streams.

The woodland areas carpeted thick in green and brown.

There were patches of moss; which were always so soft.

There was a place so far away.

There were deep valleys; one after the other stretching on and on.

Still there were more valleys craved through the meandering hills.

These valleys, hills, fields and streams not measured by time or even in beauty.

Everything there was a rhythm of one; simplicity was to be found …bar none.

My dreams are often filled with the memories of all that was.

And indeed there was so much.

I experience the changing of the seasons; one by one to this day.

The Spring melted the snow; followed by a breath of life to the land.

The Summer was always so long; the days somehow serene.

The Autumn danced and twirled; showing off in its colors.

The mountains and valleys appeared to know. Yes, suddenly…

The winter was there.

The fall of the first snow brought stillness to the air.

The silence was overwhelming; it seems so unfair

Delightful are these memories of a place long ago.

a single memory of this is enough to mesmerize.

I often had thought that these memories were enough.

Enough to be happy; perhaps to be free.

This place from far ago and long away has always been a haven.

This is where I go when I want to avoid or forget.

The child in you perhaps wishes to do the same.

Then came the day when I found you.

You were a breath of spring time.

And suddenly I knew…

I felt the warmth of a Summer breeze in the air.

The snow melted; winter hibernation now long gone.

Life and love now bloom.

Blossoming like the flower in spring.

My dreams and my days are now filled with something new.

I will one day surely visit these places from long ago.

This is definitely so.

I hope that one day I can do this with you.

I now no longer dream of these long ago places.

Now my dreams are of you.


Träume: Sind sie mehr als nur ein Traum?

Träume scheinen so real. Sie sollen eine Reflexion des Geistes und des Bewusstseins sein. Es gibt Träume, die Türen bieten. Diese Portale können den Fluss des Lebens frei lassen oder verhindern. Hier ist ein Gedicht, das ich vor vielen Jahren geschrieben habe. Es handelt sich um einen Ort, weit weg und so lange her.  Fast jeder von uns kennt solchen Ort.

Alles Gute



Meine Kindheit wurde weit weg von hier verbracht.

Die Jahre sind lang gewesen,

aber die Erinnerungen sind dennoch stark.

Die Landschaft dort wird mit Obstgärten und

grünen rollenden Feldern gefüllt.

Flüsse mit klaren herabstürzenden Wasserfallen

können überall gesehen werden.

Wälder decken das Land mit einem Teppich

des Grünes und braun.

Dort dehnen sich tiefe Täler auf.

Andere Täler haben sanfte schlafende Hügel.

Täler, wo zeit, und wo Schönheit in Einfachheit gemessen werden.

Ich träume oft von diesen Ortschaften.

Ich sehe die Änderung der Jahreszeiten vor meinen Augen.

Der Frühling bringt das Schmelzen vom Schnee und ein Duft neuen Lebens.

Der Sommer ist lang, und die Tage sind ruhig.

Der Herbst ist ein Kaleidoskop der Farbe,

das über den Bergen platzt.

Der Winter ist still.

Die Luft ist so klar.

Die Ruhe überwältigt.

Ich werde von den Erinnerungen erfreut.

Die Gedanken darüber hypnotisieren mich,

als ich mich auf meinen Weg reise.

Es ist eine sehr lange Zeit gewesen,

seit ich von was anders außer diesen Ortschaften geträumt habe.


genau wie ein Atem der Frühlingsluft weckt der Winterschlaf haltende Winter,

 fand ich dich.

Leben und Liebe, blüht jetzt in mir,

genau wie die Frühlingsblumen.

Jetzt werden meine Träume und meine Tage mit etwas Neuem gefüllt.

Ich werde wieder irgendwann diesen Ortschaften besuchen,

da bin sicher.

Ich hoffe irgendwann mit dir zusammen.

Jetzt träume ich nicht mehr von diesen Ortschaften.

Jetzt träume ich von dir.


To Share is to Be One

I wish to share something with you. I have been enjoying the newly established contact, interaction and friendship with everyone on Facebook, Twitter and my website. I wish to thank you for the interest in the articles that I write. I also wish to thank each person for reached out to me through sharing.

This sharing has been done in many different manners. We might say that “To share is to be one.” Sharing is the gateway to unity. Thank you for the trust, honesty and openness during a given moment of sharing. There are individuals that have reached out with questions. Other people have felt the need to express an opinion, idea or insight.

There have been sharing moments with people that feel alone, abandoned or afraid. There are individuals that are inquisitive; seeking answers for questions. The conversations with you concerning these questions have been very heartening for me. These questions are provoked by the wish and need to know. We all have a moment of contemplation from time to time. The truth is always from within. Sharing permits access to this knowledge; to this truth. The key is always in how we share and what we share. Here the emphasis is on “how we share”.


There is often fear in sharing. Why is this so? Who may really every know. Human beings have a tendency to dwell in fear. Hopefully one day it will not be so. “To share is to be one” is a possible stepping stone away from fear. We question, we love and we hate; these are all things that we share. Here we can see the importance of how we share. (more…)

George Lucas: The True Magic behind Stars Wars

George Lucas

Dear Mr. Lucas,

Thank you for the beauty and magic to be experienced in Star Wars. You are Star Wars. The first movie from Walt Disney “The Force Awakens” was a; for lack of a better word, disappointment. There is wisdom, life philosophy, and real truth within the story of Star Wars. This is a magic that you created. It is within you. You are the inspiration.

I experienced this magic throughout the years since I was a young man. I shared the Star Wars experience with my son. He recognized the magic and truth in Star Wars. He grew up with this magic. The beauty of your Star Wars story is that it reminds us that the mysterious magic of life is in everything. Years have passed. My son is now a young man. He went to the first Star Wars episode from Walt Disney “The Force Awakens”. I recall what he told me after seeing the movie. He said “I was so disappointed. I got up in the middle of the movie; intending on leaving. The movie is a disaster. The magic of Star Wars is gone. It is dead”.

My son and I both agree that you are the foundation of Star Wars. It is your vision. It is a cinema experience that can be viewed again and again. It is a story of life wisdom and truth that is eternal. You have a supreme knowledge of the movie business. More importantly, you know what Star Wars truly represents. It is in your heart and soul.

George Lucas

Walt Disney does not have the understanding, knowledge or the magic of Star Wars to offer a plausible continuation of the Star Wars story. (more…)